Teaching at risk boys how to become responsible, courageous and productive men.

Become a mentor to those who need it.

To be a mentor is to be a guide, friend and role model to an individual boy. Meetings are held at the workplace and arranged around the mentor’s schedule. These meetings provide a safe refuge for the boy where strong bonds form quickly.

A mentor introduces the boy to the work environment, promotes a positive attitude toward school and homework, and encourages recreational reading. We ask that each mentor make a minimum two year commitment. All costs and transportation are the responsibility of the organization.

Walter Coggins Jr.
An ongoing success story

Walter and his brother Jaharras are just two of the young men our program has helped throughout the years. Their mentors, Hasan Durley and Danny Muller of MOXIE Interactive serve as excellent examples of the potential of Work Place Mentoring to help at-risk-youth grow into young men with brighter futures.

Walter's story was highlighted in a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. As a participant in Project GRAD, Walter's ability to achieve his academic goals has made him a graduate of B.E.S.T. Academy - despite the tragedies in his life. He's in his first year at Young Harris College now.

We need your help. Financially.

The challenges facing at risk youth in West Atlanta and elsewhere are getting tougher, not easier. Gang activity is on the rise. Young boys face bleak choices. We offer businesses, churches and individuals a rewarding path to effective and manageable service to children at risk. We need your help.

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  • Effective and safe transportation
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  • Educational trips in and out of state
  • Material for educational projects
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